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The Importance of Representation


The guidance of an expert representative is needed to assure the defendant does not inadvertently release their rights or compromise their defense. Work Comp Resolutions will act as the protector of your interests while planning and executing the appropriate preventative measurements to avoid any unnecessary costs.


Work Comp Resolutions is dedicated to providing an impressive litigation defense for workers’ compensation claims throughout all of California. We work directly (in person) and by telephone with Workers’ Compensation Judges, members of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, and numerous lien claimants from multiple medical services areas.


Over 20 Years of Experience


We feature over 20 years’ experience in the industry and have built an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction and settling claims quickly.


Saving your valuable time while we efficiently work to get you the best results


Freeing up your time to deal with the business you know best.


Personal & Professional Service


Our qualified representatives provide you their full attention while efficiently working your case.


Specialize in all Types of Industries


We have workers compensation representation experience in many different types of industries such as Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Utility, Warehouse, Nursing and many more.


I recently received authorization to try a Walk Thru Service from my client as I was having issues with EAMS setting all submittals for Hearings. I had heard good things about WCR, so I decided to give them a try. I called and they explained the process and fee. I forwarded them the documents for a C&R to be walked-thru and they had the Order Approving for me the next day. I have since used Work Comp Resolutions for several more settlement Orders with the same quick turnaround time. Work Comp Resolutions is a valuable asset...

Jimmie Roe

Senior Claims Adjuster – Orange, CA

I just wanted to let you know how efficient Work Comp Resolutions has been when it comes to assisting me with effective and efficient lien management. I know in the past how lien claimants have negotiated with me directly then would turn around and make an appearance at the WCAB to negotiate for an additional balance above beyond what was already paid. Then I’d be stuck trying to recoup the overpayment. Thanks to the assistance WCR has been giving me regarding lien resolutions the aforementioned scenarios...

Janell Dulaney

Senior Claims Adjuster - Corona, CA

Just to let you know that I am so pleased with the service you are providing me .This helps me to have high closure ratio in my case load . Since you walking through the settlement documents case are not being set for hearing .Additionally it is economical for the legal expense on my file and EAMS is not setting for hearing which prolongs the case to be open. Once again thank you and I have referred your service to my associates which they also have high closure on their case load. They are very pleased with your service too.

Tess Vincent

Sr. Claims Adjuster, Orange County, CA



Usually within 30 days

Close your case loads faster

Low hourly rates versus percentage of lien resolution

Reduce litigation expense by having

lien representatives






Experienced Representation

We Cover all California WCAB's

Adjusters can spend their time working files

focus on fast settlement and closure will save money



Flat Rate Fee

Completion of Settlement

Ability to address client control issues

Fast settlements & closures resulting

 in cost savings

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